Frequently asked questions

questionIs Picturio designed for Windows only?

Definetely not. It will be available for Mac soon. If you are a Mac user, you may run Picturio on a virtual Windows on your Mac – using a third-party virtualization program. We are pretty happy with Parallels.

questionDo I need to sign up to get my copy of Picturio?

Yes, you do. You can download Picturio by clicking this link. At the first startup the software will ask you to sign up.

questionWhen download completes my Chrome browser says‘ setup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous'. What do I do now?

Chrome does its best to filter phishing and malware programs. Do not worry, keep and run 'setup.exe'. Picturio has been digitally signed (Publisher: ALLWIN Informatika Kft.), the certificate has been issued by Comodo.

questionHow can I get updates?

Picturio automatically checks for updates. If a new version is released Picturio will automatically download and install it.

questionDoes Picturio work without internet connection?

It does, but since the intelligent algorithms run on our servers neither the automated grouping, the aesthetic filter nor the intelligent zoom will work. Also Picturio will constantly warn you about it.

questionWhat is Picturio Research Program?

Picturio uses Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Algorithms.These algorithms need continuous fine tuning to perform better. Our researchers need a stack of rated and grouped photos, of any kind, to fine tune the automated photo grouping and the aesthetic sorting algorithms. Even a very bad image is informative for us. You can read more about the Program here. Thank you for supporting our researchers' work.

questionHow Picturio groups my photos?

We designed a sophisticated algorithm which creates groups based on visual similarities like colors, scenes, faces, etc. We defined a group of photos so, that in every group there should be only one best photo you would want to keep. There is huge room here to make the grouping better and we will continously improve your satisfaction level by applying more and more tricks we learn from your own grouping. Participating in the research program helps us a lot.

questionHow Picturio selects photos for automatic rejection?

This is again about learning your preferences. At the beginning we have some simple rules for the selection, like over/under exposition. Later on we will apply more advanced measures about sharpness, color harmony, composition, etc. and find out which factors are relevant for you!

questionWhat does intelligent zoom mean?

When you are within a group of photos in the survey or side-by-side view, you can select an area of interest on one of the photos with the zoom tool using your mouse. Thanks to our state of the art algorithm all the other similar images will be zoomed to the same area in a smooth way making it easy to compare even tiny parts of the photos.

questionWhy some of the images are not zoomed during intelligent zoom?

Unfortunately the area of interest cannot be perfectly located with our algorithm on those images. We keep improving it!

questionHow does Picturio categorize my photos?

We do not do categorization, we just measure photo similarity. Currently we do not recognize scenes, faces or other objects to tag them. If you really miss this feature, please let us know!

questionWill Picturio learn the essentials of my own photo art?

No! Picturio can only learn mathematical rules. Art is not about rules :) It will help you in pure technical decisions but will leave the fun for you!